Friday, December 20, 2013

Major Catch Up

So my weekly attempts at updating the blog and pregnancy has not gone as planned at all. I am literally so tired that between taking care of Tanner, my gazillion doctors appointments, and trying to keep my house in order I am wiped by mid afternoon! Thank goodness for a husband who has really stepped up in all departments (cooking, cleaning, Tanner duty, etc) because I just can't keep up. Pregnancy in general is hard, but with a toddler it adds a whole new element.

Last time I updated I was 20 weeks pregnant! I am currently 27+3!! I am so excited to be passed viability and knowing that each day she bakes the stronger she will will be if she happens to come early. I had a scare at 21 weeks thinking I was contracting, turns out I was just a little backed up if you know what I mean! I can laugh now, but in the moment I was scared out of my mind. Things have been great since then. I am still suffering from SPD (symphsis pubic dysfunction) which is incredibly painful, but poses no risk to baby which is a relief. Heartburn is killer, but Pepcid is helping. Baby and I have hit a major growth spurt the last two weeks. My hopes for keeping my weight under 30 are probably dashed as I am 27 weeks and have gained 23lbs and still have 11 weeks until c-section. I was bummed, but since I am past viability I have started incorporating more workouts until SPD flares up. I will just have lots of work to do after little miss arrives. I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all of my doctors appointments right now. I go weekly for shots, biweekly for cervical length scans, monthly for growth scans of baby, and every three weeks to my regular Ob. It's a lot. I also have to do FFN testing every two weeks where they basically shove the longest q-tip you've ever seen up my hooha to see if I "might" go into labor in the next two weeks. I get being proactive, but man it's not fun having people up in your business all.the.time. On the major plus side, Avery is growing perfectly and loves moving around! Feeling her move inside of me is the most amazing feeling in the world. I love watching my tummy move around and she loves when her big brother talks to her. He told me last night that he already loves her and it melted my heart! He is going to be an amazing big brother!

Up next is Christmas and we are so excited to spend time with all of our loved ones! I will be 28 weeks by then and that was my major goal this time around! I am hoping and praying to make it to 38 and as each day passes I feel more confindent that I will!!

Here are some weekly picture to catch myself up



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                                           And finally a shot of my Little Princess at 27 weeks!

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